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An American Videogamer’s Salute To Barbara Bush

As a videogamer that was born as an American dual-citizen, I will admit that no death of a First Lady has psychologically impacted me more than particularly Barbara Bush. For that matter, her death has impacted me more so than any Presidential death in my lifetime. Barbara Bush’s death was not simply the death of another First Lady but a death that has deeper meaning in the context of my phase as a 25 year old male. Her death took place in the timeframe of my very 1st week as an Information Technology intern, which is the same job that I obtained as a reflection of the following:


  • My humble beginning as a Giant grocery store employee all the way back in 2014


  • Graduation from bothly programming classes & a Manual Software Testing class at my community college


  • Habitually doing videogame projects on a personal computer


One day after she [Barbara Bush] died, I learned about the First Lady’s death while listening to the radio in my mother’s car as she was transporting me to my respective workplace. The radio provided me a riveting speech clip of Barbara Bush in her retrospective glory as she addressed the issue of illiteracy experienced by 90 million Americans struggling to get employed; for the record, I had been born while Barbara Bush was in her scarcely final Months of 41th First Lady and the 1992 Presidential election was a few Months away; this woman was not only a First Lady that represented the most influential country [United States of America] but simultaneously occupied that public office when Street Fighter II, the most influential Fighting-game & one of the overall most influential computer science products itself was firstly published on Arcades & consequentially SNES [Super Nintendo Entertainment System].


Ultimately, Barbara Bush’s death reminded me of the following lessons:


  • Not to take my Information Technology internship for granted


  • Make the most out of whatever time I have left to spend involving my respective mother


  • Not to take my videogame playing luxury for granted

First Lady Barbara Bush, joined by Missouri Governor John Ashcroft & a “Parents as Teachers” group at the Greater St. Louis Ferguson-Florissant School District in October 1991. Mrs. Bush, who championed literacy as first lady, is reading Brown Bear, Brown Bear to the children.


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Software Testing class update #2

This is a follow up to my original post; having passed my Manual Software Testing class, I’m now taking steps to find a Software Testing job in Virginia; in the long run, this means I’m one step closer to becoming a Software Engineer at Capcom.

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Software Testing class update #1

I officially enrolled for my 1st Software Testing class at Northern Virginia Community College; Starting in this October😎, the class will be a good 1st step for me to get a Software Testing job in Virginia and thus get me closer to a Software Engineer position at Capcom.


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Playstation 4 reward

Having accomplished the personal goal of passing all my Multimedia Design classes in community college and thus graduated from community college in early November, my mother rewarded me a Playstation 4 (more precisely the Slim) at the end of the month.

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Promotional Video of Videogames/Politics Book

As promised earlier, a Final Cut of the Promotional Video for my book, The Political Science In Videogaming, will be published on WordPress if my Advanced Digital Filmmaking teacher gives a passing grade to the project.


Here’s the Dropbox link to my video project.


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Upcoming Promotional Video 

As a Digital Video Filmmaking/Production assignment for community college, I’m using Adobe Premiere Pro and Adobe After Effects to make a Promotional Video of my self-published book, The Political Science In Videogaming.


Having my trainwreck Rough Cut supplanted by a more polished Final Cut, I will post a Dropbox link to my Final Cut if my teacher provides me a passing grade.

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Mega Man remake lecture

Credit is due to maker of Youtube video

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July 4, 2016 · 12:07 am