Umbrella Corporation/Supreme Court humor

Q: What’s the difference between Umbrella Corporation and the US Supreme Court?

One of them selected Albert Wesker and the other selected George W Bush!

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If there’s one similarity between videogame development and coitus, 

It’s that they’re both complicated.

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Personal path to horror gaming

If you’ve read my gaming blog before, you most likely have foreknowledge of what’s my favorite horror videogame series; that being said, I’ve decided to provide old and new readers a public record of how I started to play horror-themed videogames:



Back in 2001, mom got my 2nd brother and I a horror-tinged, Action-Adventure game for PlayStation 2 as a gift. More precisely, the videogame in question was Resident Evil Code: Veronica X; as an elementary school student living in Virginia at that time, I was coincidentally exposed to the horrific scenario of a Supreme Court-selected President of the United States of America. Granted, this political scenario merely expanded my pre-existing curiousity about horror-themed videogames as my elementary school years involved a convergence of both my passion for politics and videogames.

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If card game manafacturers and videogame companies pay taxes,

then so should religious institutions; last time I checked, they [religious institutions] use the same public utilities.

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Resident evil fan-project #1

At the moment, I’m developing a videogame test project titled as OTS_ResidentEvilTest via Unreal Engine 4; the ‘OTS’ acronym stands for ‘Over The Shoulder’ as this project will use an auto-adjusted 3rd-person camera; when the test project is completed, I will make a playable demo and have that publicized for downloadability.


April 16, 2017 · 5:48 pm

Misleader humor

Q: What’s the difference between Albert Wesker and George W. Bush?



A: One mislead people into a mansion and the other mislead people into Iraq!


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History of Captain Commando (2017 Edition)

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MH4 gaming

Most videogame company mascots are videogame characters from the get-go but Captain Commando, Capcom’s first mascot is an exception; the Captain started out as someone who advertised videogames from a variety of Capcom’s intellectual properties in the 1980s; the naysayers like to say he’s nothing but a relic to be left behind in Capcom’s past but to this day, he’s relevant as a legend of the company; in light of the North American videogame industry crash (a videogame market recession that lasted from 1983 to 1985), he [Captain Commando] was created as a mascot named after the company itself.

By 1991, Captain Commando was transformed into a videogame character as a Beat ’em up videogame of his namesake was published but the game’s unpopularity caused the character’s brief slide into obscurity; in the same year, he made a cameo appearance in the game of Capcom World 2.

Official artwork of Captain Commando in…

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