History of Captain Commando (2017 Edition)

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Most videogame company mascots are videogame characters from the get-go but Captain Commando, Capcom’s first mascot is an exception; the Captain started out as someone who advertised videogames from a variety of Capcom’s intellectual properties in the 1980s; the naysayers like to say he’s nothing but a relic to be left behind in Capcom’s past but to this day, he’s relevant as a legend of the company; in light of the North American videogame industry crash (a videogame market recession that lasted from 1983 to 1985), he [Captain Commando] was created as a mascot named after the company itself.

By 1991, Captain Commando was transformed into a videogame character as a Beat ’em up videogame of his namesake was published but the game’s unpopularity caused the character’s brief slide into obscurity; in the same year, he made a cameo appearance in the game of Capcom World 2.

Official artwork of Captain Commando in…

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  1. I remember playing this game on Nintendo

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