Videogamer’s rant on Bush V. Gore

MH4 gaming

I’ve been a videogame consumer since the United States of America’s 2000 Presidential election season. Living in the United States of America, I was an elementary-school child at that time.

Retroactively looking at the Supreme Court’s ruling on Bush v. Gore, which resulted in millions of Al Gore votes thrown away, I imagine myself like Nash knocked off a waterfall by M.Bison in Street Fighter Alpha 2. In the case of such a metaphor, the helicopter that shot me off a waterfall would represent the United States’ Supreme Court judges who gave the White House to George W Bush while George W. Bush himself would represent M.Bison. Because of such a Supreme Court ruling, I learned an inconvenient truth: my life in the United States of America would be as good as a patched up Nash or to put it more simply, my life in the country [United…

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