Grand Theft Election: Bush V. Gore political cartoon

MH4 gaming


I was never big on the Grand Theft Auto  series but chose to draw this political cartoon as a wordplay on it; more precisely, this political cartoon references the United States of America’s 2000 Presidential election, which resulted in a Supreme Court case titled as Bush V Gore; I used the Grand Theft Auto series’ font to write the ‘Grand Theft Election: Bush V. Gore’ title and names of national public figures that worked together in criminal manipulation of the Presidential election.

The public figures shown in this political cartoon are:

  • George W. Bush, who fought Al Gore for the United States of America’s Presidency

  • Ralph Nader, who split votes from Al Gore

  • The five Supreme Court judges [Anthony Kennedy, Sandra Day O’ Connor, Clarence Thomas, Antonin Scalia, and William Rehnquist] who ruled the Bush V. Gore case in favor of George W. Bush

  • Jeb Bush, who was Governor…

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