Breath of Fire IV review (PSOne Classic)

MH4 gaming

As the overall 1stBreath of Firegame I’ve played, I bought a Playstation Store port of iton my Playstation 3 shortly after being introduced to the series by online conversations. Granted, I procrastinated from beating Breath of Fire IVfor years but then used my latest account to repurchase the Playstation Network port and replay it from scratch;though it is the series’ 4th numerical entry, the game has it’s plot take place prior to the the other three installments (Breath of Fire I, Breath of Fire II, and Breath of Fire III) asyouyou take control of an amnesiac Ryu Bateson accompanied by Nina, Cray and othercharacters in a quest to save humanity from destructionby an Emperor that has a narratively deep relationship to Ryu Bateson himself.

Breath of Fire IV recycles the series’ tradition of isometric overhead Action-Adventure gameplay albeit in the context of…

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