Dead Rising 1 HD review (Playstation 4)

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Having missed out on the game’s original release for Xbox 360, my hardship paid off as I settled on a republication of the game at a cheaper price for Playstation 4; Inspired by Dawn of The Dead, the story of Dead Rising 1 has you take control of photographer, Frank West while exploring Willamette Parkview Mall in Willamette, Colorado as the town becomes plagued by a zombie outbreak. There are two in-game story modes, both of which I will explain as simply and spoiler-free as possible; there’s a miscellaneous list of items that are unlockable by playing the game under certain conditions.

As far as the 1st story mode (which serves as the automatically available mode of gameplay) is concerned, you are burdened by an in-game time limit fixed on a certain number of days. When this time-limit finally counts down to zero, the player is provided a cinematic Ending…

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