Dead Rising 1 HD review (Playstation 4)

Having missed out on the game’s original release for Xbox 360, my hardship paid off as I settled on a republication of the game at a cheaper price for Playstation 4; Inspired by Dawn of The Dead, the story of Dead Rising 1 has you take control of photographer, Frank West while exploring Willamette Parkview Mall in Willamette, Colorado as the town becomes plagued by a zombie outbreak. There are two in-game story modes, both of which I will explain as simply and spoiler-free as possible; there’s a miscellaneous list of items that are unlockable by playing the game under certain conditions.

As far as the 1st story mode (which serves as the automatically available mode of gameplay) is concerned, you are burdened by an in-game time limit fixed on a certain number of days. When this time-limit finally counts down to zero, the player is provided a cinematic Ending that will be determined by how you use that time as each Ending requires you to meet certain conditions; as soon as you succeed to get the true Ending [Ending A], Overtime Mode (the 2nd story mode) will then be unlocked.

When you get Ending A for the 1st time, you can simply carry over your progress from the 1st story mode to Overtime Mode; due to it not having side missions, Overtime Mode is more linear than the 1st story mode. Taking place after Ending A, Overtime Mode will have you learn about the fate of Frank West and Isabella Keyes in Willamette Parkview Mall; unlike the 1st story mode, ther aren’t as many zombies to kill in Overtime Mode.

Encompassing both story modes are a rich list of of boss-battle characters officially named as Psychopaths. These bosses can be found in certain areas and depending on which Psychopath you defeat, a gameplay benefit will be unlocked on the side; in both story modes, you can also record photographs by using Frank West’s camera and doing so serves a variety of purposes; while playing either of the two story modes, you can level up Frank West through Prestige Points that can be earned in a variety of ways and each time you level up Frank West, he will be provided a gameplay enhancement [Health, Attack, Inventory, Throwing Distance, Speed] or a new Skill; At some point in the 1st story mode and in Overtime Mode, you will come across human enemies in the form of Special Forces soldiers (who have killed most of the zombies in Willamette Parkview Mall).

When you complete Overtime Mode from start to finish, you will unlock a minigame titled as Infinity Mode; the only time limit in Infinity Mode is your gameplay performance itself as the mode tests on how long you can survive as Frank West; unlike the story modes of Dead Rising 1, Infinity Mode doesn’t have any manual save points and thus the only way to complete a playthrough of Infinity Mode is to have the player-character die. Infinity Modes imposes healing items that won’t respawn, which makes it more difficult than the game’s story modes. Psychopaths can also be fought in Infinity Mode and when you kill a Psychopath in this mode, they will drop a carboard box that spawns health items and weapons.

The HD republication of Capcom’s 1st Dead Rising game is an investment where I ended up happy. Not only does it look brighter on-screen than the game’s Xbox 360 release but there’s also more replay value than Dead Rising Chop: Till You Drop (an older, watered-down Wii republication of the 1st Dead Rising game); if you’re looking for an old-school videogame that mixes horror, humor, and 3rd-person Action-Adventure gameplay, then the HD republication of Dead Rising 1 is a good choice.



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  2. I find the timing system to be very similar to old school games like Mario and Sonic lol. The only thing with this is that it’s not just about getting from one end of the stage to the next but rather completing “tasks” in a stage, in a certain time-frame. But that’s juts a side not after reading what you said about that aspect of the game, all-in-all it is very good that you had a commendable time playing this republication on PS4 buddy.

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