My mother’s “Charlie Nash” moment

Briefly mentioned in the English iteration of Street Fighter II and making an official premiere in the Street Fighter Alpha series, Charlie Nash developed a hatred toward M.Bison. As Charlie Nash goes astray from calmness, he fights M.Bison in a waterfall environment and then attempts to arrest the Shadaloo kingpin by a USA military helicopter but the helicopter unexpectedly shoots Charlie Nash as he falls to their death. Been revived afterwards, Charlie Nash’s hatred resurfaces in an unregulated fashion as he experiences a flashback of being shot to death by the aforementioned helicopter. The revived Charlie Nash resumed pursuit of M.Bison and in fighting him a couple of times, Charlie Nash eventually learns to regulate his hatred of the Shadaloo kingpin.


“A man’s most crushing loss is always to himself. But it is also only he that can prevail over himself.”

-Charlie Nash


In a similar scenario, the USA 2016 Presidential election season has brought out the worst in my mother; the ascension of Donald Trump to President-elect, has left my mom a sourpuss but I’m hoping for her to reshape their attitude and thus figure out how to go about her life.







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