Arcades and elections meme

For the record, I didn’t make this meme but give credit to whoever made this meme. As a videogamer, I’ll say this meme was a catchy way to show disapproval at the stupid idea of electing another Bush or Clinton to the White House.



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5 responses to “Arcades and elections meme

  1. lol yes lets bring back Arcades and also lets stop the politically driven agenda that calls for the banning of “violent video games” :D. Hopefully either one of these gets t right when they become president lol.

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    • mh4wp

      Federal government under the watch of George Bush Junior (Jeb Bush’s brother) used Unreal Engine to develop and publish the videogame series titled as America’s Army. That in itself stops Jeb Bush from implementing the “ban violent videogames” agenda, lol.

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      • Whoa i didn’t know about that or about this game haha. I think that’s mainly due to the fact that it’s probably in a genre that’s not really my cup of tea lol.

        It’s probably a good game and what he did was significant never the less, but unfortunately politicians will be politicians and there are alot of politicians and “representatives” looking too play politics with this whole thing about video games causing violence, or music causing violence, which is like saying movies causes violence xD.

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      • mh4wp

        Even though the game, America’s Army game materialized under the watch of George Bush Junior, it was technically ‘brainstormed’ by the USA military in 1999 under the watch of Bill Clinton (Hillary’s spouse).

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  2. yeah they like to play politics with everything ,but the fact that this series was actually developed by a politician seems to have just made it even more controversial, and even more of an easier target, and just like with all things politics, “nothing” came out of it lol

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