Videogamer’s lecture on healthcare

One of the reasons why I applied for a job at videogame company, Capcom Vancouver is due to Canada having optimized healthcare. Under the rhetoric of “realism”, my Hillary voter and Obamacare-fanatic mother is trying to rush me at getting a job in United States of America prior to working at Capcom Vancouver. Having watched Hillary’s 2016 Presidential campaign, the Presidential candidate wants to expand Obamacare but I have a message for her: When growing numbers of people in the United States of America ask for healthcare reform, they’re not asking for a Street Fighter videogame to be updated but are asking for healthcare provided in the same fashion as that of neighboring country, Canada.



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2 responses to “Videogamer’s lecture on healthcare

  1. i’m not big on politics, but noble cause bro 🔟/🔟 ✌😃. looks like your mom was pushing you to form “Diplomatic” ties lmao

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  2. mh4wp

    Reblogged this on MH4 gaming.


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