Assassin’s Creed 1 (Playstation 3) review

I began to play this game by inserting my brother’s PS3 disc. As a historical fiction, this videogame’s narrative provides a reimagining of the war between Assassins (those who believe peace can be achieved through emphasizing free will) and Templars (those who believe peace is to be achieved by aggressive means). You are to take control of Al-Tair, an Assassin who is simulated by his descendant, Desmond Miles through a machine named the Animus. As Al-Tair, you gain weapons, miscellaneous combat abilities, and upgraded health by progressing the videogame’s story.

In an aesthetically ancient context, you are tasked to explore a couple of Syrian and Palestinian towns, which really clicked for an Arab-American videogamer such as myself. Though exploration is primarily third-person, there is a first-person exploration ability named as Eagle Vision. The 1st Assassin’s Creed videogame is divided into Memory Blocks, which composes mandatory and optional missions. The videogame slowly gets more difficult as you progress through the story. Conclusively, playing from beginning to end wasn’t exactly a bad experience but in light of beating the game,  it’s progressive difficulty stressed me out to the point where I was rendered unlikely to replay the game.



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3 responses to “Assassin’s Creed 1 (Playstation 3) review

  1. I found this pretty informative because of you attention to key aspects that really sets this apart from the rest of the games you have seen in the series, and because of the fact that I barely knew anything about this game but after reading what you have said here, I came away being much more enlightened.

    On the subject about difficulty, the game reminds me of some games I had played, that got difficult in the same way as you went through and got further and further, like Skyrim and in the H.A.W.X series (the Oil City Stage in HAWX 2 had me good at first, it was a tricky mission), but the thing with those was that they had to be played in a certain “sequence”, if not it would make them look way harder than they actually were lol. So if you go through the game again, see if there are possible objectives that you should complete in a particular order to maintain control over the missions, and to avoid “triggering” circumstances prematurely that would overwhelm you and hinder your progression through the missions.

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  2. Cool review.It is definitely difficult as you progress against the templars

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