Brief thoughts on Dead Rising 1 HD

As someone who never had an Xbox 360, I was one of those people who missed out on playing the first Dead Rising game when it premiered in the videogaming market. As someone who owned a Nintendo Wii, I frustratingly stuck to playing Dead Rising: Chop Till You Drop (a downgraded republication of the first Dead Rising game) for the time being. Having learned the first Dead Rising get republished on 8th-generation consoles and Windows, Capcom can count on me to get this videogame for Playstation 4 (provided my mom gets me a Playstation 4 after community college classes).



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7 responses to “Brief thoughts on Dead Rising 1 HD

  1. hahaaa looking good man. The experience of this game would probably play like a dream on Playstaion 4 (or Xbox One aswell). The game isn’t bad and I personally have never played any of the games in the series but This could change soon, though with all of the games I really want to play plus all of the latest games that have been coming out that i’m really excited over, it might take a while for me to get back to Dead Rising since even though it is good, it’s obviously not a game at the tip of my list lol

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  2. Not bad at all lol. Thanks for that info. I’m sure they would be keen to make this a very interesting commemorative anniversary release, to please the fans as well as capitalize on the occasion. So it should be pretty good.

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  3. thanks for sharing. i check out a couple of your updates and was captivated by alot of the things you expressed and shared.

    On my end I just updated a couple of blogs too, namely


    So you can check them out when you have the chance bro.

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