Bionic Commando (2009 videogame) review for Playstation 3

Having it’s story take place ten years after that of the first Bionic Commando: Rearmed (2008 remake of the Nintendo Entertainment System era’s first Bionic Commando game), the 2009 videogame has it’s single-player story mode reswing you into action as Nathan Spencer. As the series’ protagonist and FSA {Federal States of America} veteran, Nathan Spencer is freed from prison for a false conviction, he traverses Ascension City and carries a mission to uncover the nuclear attack on such a town. Along the way, the story mode of Bionic Commando (2009 videogame) will provide many plot twists.


Readapting the series’ Action-Platformer gameplay formula in the context of a 3rd-person Action-Adventure, this 2009 installment introduces revolutionary techniques to be used by Nathan Spencer’s Bionic arm alongside a wealth of weapons for gunplay and rebranded bombs; the videogame provides a musical blast from the past by remixing soundtracks from previous series installments; there is a less noticable online multi-player mode that has been rendered inactive as far as I know, which is personally disheartening as it was rendered inactive prior to me getting the videogame.


Bionic Commando (2009 videogame) was a somewhat enjoyable videogame but had potential for more replay value than what it provided; the game has a few extras that can be unlocked, provided you have saved game data from the first Bionic Commando Rearmed game; there’s a largely narrow list of unlockable gallery items you can get from playing story mode in Bionic Commando (2009 videogame); there’s a tacked-on ‘Level Jump’ mode that neither rewards you for replaying the game or permits you to use the revolutionary bionic arm techniques in whatever Level of your choosing; the lack of a New Game+ mode means replaying the game from the beginning after beating the game would require you to delete your saved game file or making a brand-new file from an empty slot.




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