Videogamer’s overweight musing

If one thing is personally scarier than biohazardous monsters from Capcom’s Resident Evil videogame series, it would be the hypothetical scenario of me die as an overweight, unmarried male; adding to that, I get irritated by the following:


  • My mom has called me “good-looking”, despite me being an overweight male struggling to lose weight for the purpose of attracting single, Asian women; her saying that in such context is an unnecessary pat on the back.


  • My brother, a fellow videogamer called himself “good-looking”, despite gaining a few, extra pounds; hearing him say that in such a context made me witness someone [my brother] deficient in motivation for self-improvement .

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One response to “Videogamer’s overweight musing

  1. Buddy, i’m pretty slim, but if i would, i would dream of myself, happily married to Lacey Chabert.


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