Donald Trump character concept

Recently, I brainstormed turning the combed over, “Make America Great Again” businessman into a Fighting-game character. Obviously, he’d be ‘unusual’ for a Fighting-game character as he has little to no experience from martial arts, but his HUGE list of TV-sensational stunts such as the “You’re Fired!” one liner, Trump 2016 rallies, and etc can be incorporated for a Fighting-game moveset.


“My husband [Donald Trump] is a fighter!”

-Melanija Knavs



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9 responses to “Donald Trump character concept

  1. lmao I gotta see this man 👏. Trump has so much money, he’ll higher “supporters” and be like one of those “hard” video games bosses who hide behind and overuse a million and 1 little “minions” 😂😂

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  2. mh4wp

    While my idea isn’t impossible, the implementation of it would necessitate me to overcome a licensing hurdle.

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  3. Hahaa in trump’s case, he better give in order to avoid and in-game fatality that would make him bleed cash instead of blood bro :D.

    Yeah your idea isn’t impossible, in fact, there are many ideas that are very possible when it comes to their creative aspects but often other things do get in the way of development, and as you pointed out, securing licensing most definitely might be one of the most challenging things in relation to your project lol

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    • mh4wp

      I did a $49 donation that reserved my name for appearance on a wall-board in New York City’s Trump Tower. that’s a good step to ‘access’ the Trump brand for licensing my idea later on, lol.

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      • haha good “legal” move. At least you’re not like some Con Artists who will just do this stuff using people’s names to get “clicks” and attention without consent, and stupidly get their projects shutdown, sued or fined xD

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