Canadian-immigration roadmap

Though I will stay true to my goal of being a Canadian immigrant, the immigration process itself is more complex than applying for a job in the country. Accounting that, I’ll apply for a job there and postpone applying for immigration there but here’s my simplified roadmap for starting a life in the country:


  • The 1st step would be to have at least 1 full-year of paid work experience at Capcom Vancouver


  • The 2nd step would be obtainment of Permanent Residency in Canada


  • Finally, the 3rd step would be obtainment of Canadian citizenship some time after living as a Permanent Resident in the country


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7 responses to “Canadian-immigration roadmap

  1. Matthew Stuber

    Good luck Man, Capcom is one of my favorite companies. I am actually moving to Seattle. Which is where Nintendo of America is based. I would kill for a job there.

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    • mh4wp

      On another note, Washington state is neighbored by the province containing Capcom Vancouver; Looks like you and I are going to be geographically close.

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    • mh4wp

      What position at Nintendo of America catches your eye?


      • Matthew Stuber

        Anything really. Anything I am qualified for. I don’t have any formal school training for video game development so probably something low on the totem pole. I checked their job postings every couple of days.

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  2. Matthew Stuber

    I was actually going to mention that.

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  3. Matthew Stuber

    It’s like 3 hours away.

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  4. mh4wp

    Reblogged this on MH4 gaming.


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