Videogamer’s path to marriage: final draft

*Here’s the rough draft, which was was originally a WordPress post I deleted.


Before settling on the goal of a videogame developer for Capcom, I wanted a marriage life in Egypt or United States of America. Back then, I spent more time talking marriage than really taking steps to get married. Settling on the goal of becoming a videogame developer for Capcom, I told myself ‘carve your own career path and your marriage life will follow suit’. Beside my goal of becoming a videogame developer for Capcom, the following things gave me courage to spend less time talking marriage and more time taking steps to get married:

1. Being burnt out by participation in long-conversations of marriage.

2. The consecutive goal of being a Canadian public official as it’ll require me being held accountable to people irrespective of marital status.

Accounting the old saying, ‘A man who stands for nothing will fall for anything’, my marriage-goal is to be accompanied by the following, simple guidelines:

1. Study important classes and acquire Certificates to become employed by Capcom in the first place.

2. Acquire Canadian citizenship, which will require me working as a Permanent Resident in the country beforehand and ease the way for renunciation of my dual citizenship from Egypt and United States of America.


“Settle down and start a family? I have much to do before I can consider that…”

-Ryu (Street Fighter IV)




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  1. Good luck! Sounds like good goals!

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