Resident Evil 6 (PS3) review

Shortly around the time of its’ release date, I got a disc copy of the game but later traded it in and got a digital copy of the game; having its’ plot take place a few years after that of Resident Evil 5, there’s a narrative change of pace as the game takes place in multiple countries while Umbrella Corporation under the name of Neo-Umbrella unleashes Bio-Organic Weapons on a deadlier scale. To accommodate this narrative complexity, the multiple scenario system of Resident Evil 2 has been recycled in a simpler fashion; story mode has one scenario for veteran character, Chris Redfield being partnered by a brand-new character and one scenario for veteran character, Leon Kennedy being partnered by a brand-new character; another story mode scenario features a brand-new character partnered by Sherry Birkin reappearing as an adult after her prepubescent appearance in Resident Evil 2; lastly, story mode has a scenario for Ada Wong and this particular scenario recaptures the single-player vibe of prototypical Resident Evil games but offers freedom of choice to be played in two player co-op by accomodating a character vaguely named as Agent.


Unlike the majority of previous Resident Evil games, you have freedom to walk while aiming, shooting, and reloading ammo; over-the-shoulder camera has been recycled to accommodate analog controls and offer players freedom of choice between placing their character on the left or right side of the screen; There is a gameplay mechanic for dodging attacks similar to that of Resident Evil 3: Nemesis but more flexible this time around.

Recycled from Resident Evil: Code Veronica is the ability of dual-wielding for some weapons. In other words, the ability to use one of the same weapon on your left hand and another of the same weapon on your right hand. Thanks to over-the-shoulder camera, Resident Evil 6 provides it in a more sophisticated fashion.

Newly introduced is a gameplay mechanic where you can crawl on the ground. Sometimes, this new gameplay mechanic is required for survival.

Though old-school laser sight aiming has been recycled from Resident Evil 4 and Resident Evil 5, there’s freedom choice between that and a laser dot-accompanied crosshair aiming. Such freedom of choice was a progressive step in contrast to how crosshair aiming was forced in the republications of the 1st Resident Evil: Revelations for home-consoles; the crosshair aiming itself is more sophisticated than that used in home-console editions of the 1st Resident Evil: Revelations videogame.

The Mercenaries minigame has been recycled while accompanied by a wealth of other minigames; on-screen healthbar is reintroduced while being accompanied by a stamina bar; there’s freedom to run but realistically, doing so will tax your stamina bar and doesn’t license you to go guns ablazing.


OTS (over-the-shoulder) camera is now accompanied by an autoshoot option that can be used on the nearest enemy, which is an improvement over the auto-aiming of prototypical Resident Evil games but it takes a toll on your stamina bar; taking note from Resident Evil Outbreak games, there’s a melee system readapted for over-the-shoulder camera in Resident Evil 6.


Though the game somewhat gave me a ‘hit and miss’ vibe, Resident Evil 6 is worth appreciation when accounting how it’s a fruit of labor by one of the biggest development-teams for a game in the Resident Evil series.


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