Videogamer’s path to politics (part 3)

This is a sequel to my previous post.

For the firstly five years of my life, I was a speech-impeded child that returned to Virginia from India and shortly afterwards got a jump-start in knowing how to play videogames. This modest background gives me a political advantage over hot-aired businessmen such as Donald Trump.

The competitive nature of elections poetically reminded me of my #1 favorite videogame genre, Fighting-games; Videogames opened my eyes to political-issues when other mainstream media outlets didn’t but I initially flip-flopped at the idea of running for public office.

Despite being surrounded by a dirty-politics climate, I received a wealth of videogame characters as moral models that grew on me. Some examples would be Captain Commando (Capcom’s original mascot), Ryu (Street Fighter character), Mega Man, and Chris Redfield (Resident Evil character) among others.

As someone moving to Canada for a videogame programming career and public office job afterwards, I’m reminded of the two old sayings, ‘money talks’ and ‘knowledge is power’.


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