Columbine High School massacre

This incident was exploited by media sensationalists to wage a war on videogames despite the following simple realities:
1. At the time of the mass shooting, gun safety laws in the United States were awash in loopholes.

2. Videogame violence isn’t homogenous, which means slamming a legislative hammer against videogames on the mere basis of violent content won’t be beneficial.

3. The duo of Columbine High school murderers [Eric Davis and David Klebold] acquired their firearms by a straw purchase and this illegal gun acquisition additionally took place when there was barely penalties for straw purchase of guns.

4. Robyn Anderson, straw purchase proxy for the Columbine High School murderer duo was permitted to walk freely while knowing she wouldn’t be prosecuted of any wrongdoing. This would be related to statement #3, which in turn is related to statement #1.

5. Even though Eric Davis and David Klebold played videogames containing violence, they never represented the majority of people playing such videogames.

On a sidenote, this mass shooting caused innocent videogamers to pay a price and that would specifically be the North American edition of Resident Evil: Survivor being unfortunately destitute of GunCon (a gun-shaped videogame controller) compatibility.


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