Mega Man Legends I review in English

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MH4 gaming

Signifying a transition of Capcom’s Mega Man series from Action-Platformer to 3rd-person Action-Adventure gameplay, I fulfilled my long-time hope of playing the game as a result of it being digitally republished in low-priced PsOne Classic form at Playstation Network; The game’s story provides a stimulating spin on issues like climate-change and immigration as you assume the role of Mega Man Volnutt, an Elysium-colony native that moves alongside his friends to planet Earth by leaving sedentary luxury in favor of a life dedicated to preserving the flooded planet from destruction.

In-game searching for resources and key items are concentrated in Kattelox Island while exploration is slightly done outside the island. Power-up items (Buster Parts) and armor can be acquired by using the in-game money known as Zenny while other body gadgets and a variety of weapons can be acquired by bringing Special Items to Roll. The game has praiseworthy music and…

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