To be or not to be a videogame developer

I previously pursued the idea of becoming a pediatric center doctor due to my maternal grandparents wanting me for such a job. Granted I was tight-lipped on the videogame developer prospect everytime they [my maternal grandparents] talked to me about getting a high-paying job as there was a personal fear of stressing them out by such a prospect. I thought of moving to Egypt for opening a pediatric center named after my childhood hero and the Capcom videogame company’s original mascot, Captain Commando as my adulthood was dedicated towards making myself somehow popular among the company.

Due to my maternal grandparents resting in peace, there was more time for me to solve the dilemma of becoming a pediatric center doctor or videogame developer as my tutor, Kitana would witness videogame references in my college schoolwork and have me rebuild faith in becoming a videogame developer while garnering support from my mother. Going online to read Capcom’s variety of branches, my eye was caught by Capcom Vancouver as the videogame developer goal was solidified in my mind and the prospect of settling in Egypt was replaced in favor of moving to Canada. From there, I began to see my dream of working for Capcom Japan as a sub-goal of my videogame developer goal as opposed to a “be all-end all” scenario for my videogame developer goal.


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  1. Thanks for sharing. Never give up!

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