Mega Man Xtreme 2 review in English

This sequel provides a story taking place between Mega Man X3 and MegaMan X4. There’s a global mystery of reploids being rendered into hollow shells destitute of memory and personality.
Similarly to Capcom’s original Mega Man Xtreme game, there’s a gameplay mixture of the first two Mega Man X games but however, more effort was put into adding brand new content than doing a ‘cut and paste’ job. The game begins to offer you an X Mode (which has you play as Mega Man X) and Zero Mode (which has you play as Zero), serving as precedents to the unlockable Xtreme Mode (which combines bosses from both characters’ scenarios, allows you to switch between both characters,  and has additional boss battles to provide more about the story) and a Boss Attack mode (which times your performance on fighting every boss from both Mega Man Xtreme games.     

As a preteen, I began playing this game on Gameboy Color when my mom purchased it, making it have me start playing Mega Man X games. The music, story, and gameplay was favorable enough to have me repurchase and replay the game as a digital downloadable from Nintendo e-shop on Nintendo 2DS.


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