To get or not to get a Wii U

One of my brothers recently asked me if I wanted to buy a WiiU. I didn’t think about getting it as much as getting a PS4 but still regarded it as an option on the table. I reacted to him by pitching in the idea of trading our original Wii for getting Wii U at a discounted price.



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2 responses to “To get or not to get a Wii U

  1. I ended up really liking the Wii U after initially thinking it wasn’t worth while.

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  2. The Wii U has a lot of great games, and I think you’ll have a ton of fun if you pick one up. I’m only now just starting to play my PS4 after having nothing to play on it for an eternity. Lately there hasn’t been a lot out for Wii U, but I’m *really* looking forward to Mario Maker, and tentatively looking forward to Xenoblade X.

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