Resident Evil: Deadly Silence review in English

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As a Nintendo DS edition of the original Resident Evil game that debuted on Sony’s Playstation One (talk about irony), it was made to celebrate the 10th anniversary of Capcom’s Resident Evil series; In addition to Classic mode providing you a Chris scenario and Jill scenario similarly to the original game, you’re able to re-experience each of the two character’s scenarios in a Rebirth mode. This additional mode adds gameplay modifications involving the system’s dual screen power by allowing you to use a stylus and in-game mic to solve new puzzles as well do knife battles in first-person view.

Players are liberated from the burden of having the combat knife occupy space in their character’s inventory as they have the pleasure of using it via a knife button and can reload their firearms without having to pause the game (both gameplay mechanics brought from Resident Evil 4) in addition…

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