Conceptualization of Capcom Certified Homeschooling

The first step in brainstorming this videogame series I plan to make required me having a catchy and simple title; The videogame company name ‘Capcom’ and the word ‘Certified’ were rendered to be the respectively 1st and 2nd parts of the title as both words started in the letter, C; The word ‘Homeschooling’ would be included as the respectively third part of the title as it happens to be a more commonly used word than the word ‘home-education’.

The 2nd step required me brainstorming gameplay. I took notes from basic education games that were primarily geared towards pre-teen children but instead of focusing on one genre, my idea was to emphasize a plurality of genres by incorporating various mini-games accompanied by jigsaw and slide puzzles.

The 3rd step required me brainstorming how many minigames this series should start off using and was convinced to have it begin using the following:

1. Captain Commando’s Household History Course

2. Mega Man’s Mega Math Course
3. Capcom Household Tile-Matching Course


4. Capcom Crayon Drawing Course

This videogame series idea of mine is designed to simultaneously challenge the mainstream media’s negative preconceptions of homeschooling and videogames.


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