Capcom Certified Homeschooling: 1980s Era Edition (game concept)

For my first installment of Capcom Certified Homeschooling, I thought of providing a homeschooling videogame that will make families feel a blast from the past (more precisely the 1980s).


Capcom-themed minigames:
1. Captain Commando’s Household History Course: 1980s Edition
Description: Captain Commando (Capcom’s original mascot) appears on-screen to teach young children at home about Capcom’s history from the 1980s.


2. Mega Man’s Mega Math Course: 1980s Edition
Description: Mega Man appears on-screen to test the mathematical skills of young children at home; This spinoff minigame will be based on Mega Man games that were originally released in the 1980s for NES.


3. Capcom Household Tile-Matching Course: 1980s Edition
Description: Plays similarly to the family-friendly game, Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo but instead includes playable chibi-sized incarnations of Capcom videogame characters from the 1980s such as Ryu (Street Fighter I), Mega Man, and etc.


4. Capcom Crayon Drawing Course: 1980s Edition
Description: In this game, young children can use on-screen crayons to make drawings of Capcom related media from the 1980s.


Jigsaw/slide puzzles based on Capcom games:

1. Strider series

  • NES game from 1989
  • Arcade game from 1989


2. Mega Man series (1980s installments)

  • Mega Man I
  • Mega Man II


3. Street Fighter I (Arcade game from 1987)


4. Final Fight I (NES game from 1989)


5. Bionic Commando series

  • Arcade game from 1987
  • NES game from 1988

Miscellaneous jigslaw/slide puzzles:
1. Captain Commando (1986 incarnation)

2. Captain Commando (1989 incarnation)

3. Capcom logo (1980’s edition)

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