Dino Crisis 2 (Playstation) review: English Edition

As a sequel to the original Dino Crisis, this game recycles the Action-Adventure gameplay of its predecessor and mixes such gameplay with that of a third-person shooter; As opposed to the original Dino Crisis having you secluded in Ibis Island, you’ll explore multiple in-game locations throughout Dino Crisis 2; Furthermore, Dino Crisis 2 will have you switch between playing as Regina and Dylan Morton as opposed to the original Dino Crisis have you singularly play as Regina.


I purchased a disc copy of Dino Crisis 2 for Playstation 1 in Egypt but barely played it; Multiple subsequent years had me buy a digital edition on Playstation; From there on, I downloaded and started playing it on Playstation Portable.


Even though this game offers you more ammunition than the original Dino Crisis, don’t be fooled into thinking Capcom intended Dino Crisis 2 as a cakewalk; For that matter, the greater amount of ammunition is compensated by it including more harm-potent dinosaurs to tolerate with additional dinosaur species being exposed to the player; Even though there’s puzzle-solving  in Dino Crisis 2, the presence of such is not as much as that of the original Dino Crisis game; The music went well with the settings and gameplay.



I was fortunate to have beaten the game after multiple cases of failing in an escort mission and getting killed by the Gigantosaurus; Completing the game’s story mode turned out to be harder for me than that of the original Dino Crisis.


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