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For +30 days, I’ve been absent from writing content on my blog; in the follow up to my  completion of Software Testing class, I’ve recently taken next steps to get a new job in lieu of my previous job at Giant (a job I quitted back in April, 2015).


As of this January, I attended two workshops; in the 1st workshop personally attended, I exercised the creative freedom to write down a 30-second commercial tailored for my career goal [videogame programmer] & rehearsed it; in the 2nd workshop personally attended, I participated in a Support Group composed of mutually unemployed persons pursuing new jobs as we learned about each other’s respective career goals & overall learned about one another interpersonally.


Having finished 2 workshops, I’m now comfortable enough to continue resume writing. From there, I will finish writing my 1st resume. When my 1st resume is completely written, it will then be sent for applying online to multiple Software Testing jobs.


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Dino Crisis fan-project #1 

I’m presently using Unreal Engine 4 to develop a prototype videogame project based on Capcom’s Dino Crisis series; this sample-sized game is titled as OTS_DinoCrisisTest; The ‘OTS’ acronyms is a reference to the gameplay revolving a third-person, Over-The-Shoulder camera; when this project is completed, I will then publicize a playable demo of it online.

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Resident evil fan-project #1

At the moment, I’m developing a videogame test project titled as OTS_ResidentEvilTest via Unreal Engine 4; the ‘OTS’ acronym stands for ‘Over The Shoulder’ as this project will use an auto-adjusted 3rd-person camera; when the test project is completed, I will make a playable demo and have that publicized for downloadability.


April 16, 2017 · 5:48 pm

EVO’s exclusion of Marvel Vs. Capcom [2018 Edition]

Regardless of a disappointment in reaction to the most nominally recognized Fighting-game tournament’s lineup exclusion of Marvel Vs. Capcom: Infinite [the newest Marvel Vs. Capcom game since 2017] from their upcomingly 2018 Championship Series, a level-headed attitude is the mature thing to do. EVO essentially excluded the Marvel Vs. Capcom brand altogether from it’s 2018 lineup, which is definitely easy to understand as unexpected because the Marvel Vs. Capcom brand occupied a piece of the EVO pie for previously +10 years in one way or another. However, the aforementioned Marvel Vs. Capcom installment’s exclusion from EVO 2018 is not the unprecedented event it’s been parroted as.


Truth be told, this isn’t the 1st Marvel Vs. Capcom game to be excluded from an EVO championship & it probably won’t be the last; at this point, there’s been 6 Marvel Vs. Capcom games in total & merely two of them ever occupied an EVO slot for the past +10 years from now:


1. Marvel Vs. Capcom 2: New Age of Heroes


2. Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 [Fate of Two Worlds & consequentially Ultimate]


Prior to when exclusion of Marvel Vs Capcom: Infinite from EVO 2018 became a revelation or let alone a drawing board deliberation, the following Marvel Vs. Capcom games never occupied an EVO slot in the past +10 years from now:


1. X-Men Vs. Street Fighter


2. Marvel Super-Heroes Vs. Street Fighter


3. Marvel Vs. Capcom: Clash of Super-Heroes


All the way back in 1996, EVO was nominally preceded as Battle by The Bay. The 1996 tournament used Arcade cabinets & even though X-Men vs. Street Fighter was published  for Arcade cabinets in the same year, it was denied a piece of the lineup pie enjoyed by Super Street Fighter II Turbo & Street Fighter Alpha 2.


Fast forward to the 2000 Battle by The Bay tournament which was 2 years after Marvel vs. Capcom: Clash of Super-Heroes was initially published as an Arcade game, 1 year after that same game was republished on Sega Dreamcast, & 3 years after Marvel Super-Heroes vs. Street Fighter premiered as an Arcade game. Neither these two versions for Marvel vs. Capcom: Clash of Super-Heroes or the Arcade cabinet publication of Marvel Super-Heroes vs. Street Fighter were used in this tournament as both of these Marvel vs. Capcom games were overshadowed by the Sega Dreamcast-republished Marvel vs. Capcom 2: New Age of Heroes in the same year as this tournament.


In 2002, Battle by The Bay was renamed as EVO; in 2004, EVO stopped using Arcade cabinets for their hosted games altogether.


Fast forward to the EVO 2011 tournament which had Marvel vs. Capcom 2: New Age of Heroes replaced by the simultaneously annual publication of Marvel vs. Capcom 3 subtitled Fate of Two Worlds as this tournament took place 5 months after this February publication of Marvel vs. Capcom 3 in particular; consequentially, the EVO 2012 tournament hosted Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 as a lineup replacement in 8 Months after this particularly 2nd version of the game was published in November, 2011.



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Software Testing class update #2

This is a follow up to my original post; having passed my Manual Software Testing class, I’m now taking steps to find a Software Testing job in Virginia; in the long run, this means I’m one step closer to becoming a Software Engineer at Capcom.

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The Heart of Battle: Repackaged Racism

An NAACP member walks up to Ryu, the most recognizable representative of Capcom’s Street Fighter series, which in turn constitutes the most repackaged Fighting-game series in the history of humanity; the NAACP member asks Ryu about how to confront repackaged racism; Ryu delivers an epic reply by saying “The answer lies in the heart of battle”.

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Software Testing class update #1

I officially enrolled for my 1st Software Testing class at Northern Virginia Community College; Starting in this October😎, the class will be a good 1st step for me to get a Software Testing job in Virginia and thus get me closer to a Software Engineer position at Capcom.


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Whenever you get stuck on a videogame puzzle,

Reblogging to attact more

MH4 gaming

remember that women are more complicated than videogame puzzles.

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